20140910 – Clip 10 – Asian Gay Kiss – Tongue-Roving TwinkBoy’s Nipple


A message from our allied LGBT partners (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transexual):

Are you one of our local SGboys or perhaps one of our loyal regional/international LGBT viewers who would like to explore what it means to really ENJOY an INTEGRATED multi-platform ONLINE EXPERIENCE (irc + Youtube + Facebook)?

Come join us in our newly established Singapore-based LGBT irc channels - #sgboy (for chat) & #gam (for real-time trivia games). Just open two web browser windows in your computer and type in: https://irc.lc/dal/sgboy and/or https://irc.lc/dal/gam

If you are using a mobile chat app or mirc programme, you can join us by choosing any DALNET servers or manually add server name: "choopa.nj.us.dal.net", then join #sgboy and/or #gam channels.

Help us spread the word about our irc channels to your friends & acquaintances and very soon, we will see both irc channels grow into a thriving community of chatters - integrating local SGboys with our regional & international friends.

Hurry! Join us today!!! (:

** By the way, don't forget to add DALNET sgboy as your friend @ https://www.facebook.com/dalnet.sgboy

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