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Sad teardrop piano Love Song by Chris Kacher (only for those who really feel the music)

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My stock market timing model is featured on our new website and has kept me on the right side of the markets for nearly 20 years. +83.8% in 2010, +118.3% in 2009 and +38.8% in 2008 thru market timing. sad piano song = I recently got a distribution deal on my debut CD Teardrop Rain! Tracks can now be downloaded at: The CD is also available for sale in over 2,400 stores across the United States, and eventually the UK. 'How I Bruised My Heart' composed by Chris Kacher (Christian Casher) of Teardrop Rain ©2007 Three of my songs were remixed and have received recent airplay on South Africa's MTV as well as on Y-FM and Metro-FM. lady gaga emo

Drag Queen Fools College Jock on TV!

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[email protected] Screaming Queens Entertainment selected New York City drag star, Princess Diandra for a special appearance on TV's "Dog Eat Dog". A college jock was challenged to pick the real woman from a lineup of drag queens. Watch as he lusts after the voluptuous Diandra! Who knows what may have happened backstage after the show? Screaming Queens Entertainment provides drag queens, celebrity impersonators, and theme characters for parties and events. Check out our website: WWW.SCREAMINGQUEENS.COM See what we're up to on our blog: WWW.BLOGSPOT.SCREAMINGQUEENS.COM Clients Include: The American Museum of Natural History Donna Karen Citibank Playboy istar Financial Diana Ross ABC Family Cartier MAC Saks Fifth Avenue Blaine Trump The National Association of Museums Bette Midler VH1 Marc Jacobs Soap Opera Digest The Whitney Museum of American Art Maxim Posner Cosmetics Leo Burnett New York Magazine Barbra Streisand Princess Diandra impersonates Tina Turner, Diana Ross, Whitney Houston, Patti Labelle, Donna Summer, and Gary Coleman. Just seeing if your were paying attention.

Real Naked Wrestling Athletes In Front Of A Live Audience?

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Holy Shit, Is This A Real Sport?

Zak Andrews, Delaware Valley vs Abby Rush, Boston University

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011-4G, 2009 Binghamton Open wrestling tournament, 141#, bout 411; Zak Andrews of Delaware Valley College wins 10-7 on points over Abby Rush of Boston University. Zak finished in sixth place in the 141pound weight class after losing to Zach Kemmerer of University of Pennsylvania.

Boy changing underwear in big brother

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Boy changing underwear in big brother


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Ya We Did! lol

Boy Cums In The Front Yard

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This is disgusting!

Dancing Gay (Original)

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This is just what they do


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kids match

Wrestling the Untold Story

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Kids Pro Wrestling: The Untold Story is a professional wrestling documentary which tells the story of a kid based professional wrestling league that existed in the mid 1980s

Wrestling Match – KJ Johnson vs. P.O.Mudd

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Austrian Wrestling Entertainment presents KJ vs. Mudd - single Match AWE Home Coming coming soon on Youtube!!!

Wrestling at Home 2

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Thats the second part of wrestling at home. I hope you like it...... I will make a third part soon.

Ash Draven vs Ace Pain – RCWA No Mans Land 2009 – EHWF Championship vs. Career

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The storied rivalry between Ace Pain and Ash Draven has come to this. Draven seeks to take the one thing that means more to Ace Pain than anything else, the EHWF World Title, and Ace Pain has the opportunity to rid RCWA of Ash Draven once and for all. If Draven loses he will be fired from the Rainham Championship Wrestling Alliance.

Tygh Valley Campout Fight 08

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Tygh Valley, Oregon Memorial Day Campout 2008

me and some guy wrestling

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some dude gets tapped out twice

new moves-timing-selling

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wrestling class

WWE’s Josh Mathews in a Backyard Wrestling Match – The Ring Breaks! – Classic Footage!

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Cool footage of Josh Mathews and his friends having a backyard wrestling match and then the ring breaks, but will that ruin the fun?

WTWE™: 18 man Royal Rumble

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This is one of the 1st matches that many people have been in. This is one of the huge matches in wtwe. THE ROYAL RUMMBBBLLLLLEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

Lawrence Alfred vs. The KliniK 7/5/10 (Part 2 of 3)

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AWE Continental Americas Champion The KliniK takes on GWA World Backyard Wrestling Champion Lawrence Alfred in a unification match at AWE/MSW Clash of the Champions on July 5, 2010!

Backyard Wrestling Match – IBW 2001 – Alex vs Tom Ladder Match

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IBW 2001 - Alex vs Tom Ladder Match

Failed Creation vs. Blood stained army PART 1

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Failed creation reunited kick some ass. Zéro Strife and Jason Adrenaline vs Blood Stained Army Part 1

EBBW – “The Road to Success Begun”

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Mesmo com a ausencia de todos os membros chamados, nós da Extreme Brazilian Backyard Wrestling nos esforçamos para conseguir o melhor desempenho possível para agradar vocês. Agradecemos e avisamos que este foi nosso PRIMEIRO treino, por isso, alguns erros e botchs podem serem vistos. Entrem em nossa comunidade no orkut para saber mais sobre nós:

Kenny Storm vs. MX5 MV

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made by Mx5.

TLC Match John Cena vs Rey Mysterio WWE championship

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WWE’s Josh Mathews doing backyard wrestling – Never Before Released Footage

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WWE's Josh Mathews doing backyard wrestling....

Home Wrestling

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Decided to wrestle. Padding was because concrete was under the carpet no padding at all

Fleshjack Oil Wrestling IV

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Lube Wrestling at Rusty Spurs in Austin to raise money for local Softball, Running, and Rugby groups. Event sponsored by Fleshjack

The kind of wrestling Bill and Doug(rvdtito4life) like to see

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people are of ten confused as to what these marks want to see in a pro-wrestling

Keith vs. Matt 2

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Keith and Matt wrestling....again

Wrestling Homophobia (That’s so Gay) in Sports

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Full documentary at


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Dive Trailer

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This is a trailer for the Japanese movie "Dive!" --- dubbed into Thai for the Thai DVD. The actors are all Japanese. The fact that they seem to be speaking Thai has caused some confusion. I never dreamed so many people would watch it!


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London School of Lucha Libre, March 2012 show – Match 5

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Tag Team match between: Hooligan #1 and El Transexico - vs The Hyper Vipers One of five matches in a fundraising event in aid of this chap: Most of the wrestlers are either students at or graduates of this fine school of learning:

Kid Matthews vs Dorrian

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Culture Shock Wrestling in Mossy Head, Florida 7/31/10